Open House

Since artists started squatting in the abandoned GDR factory at Flutgraben in the early 90ies, they opened their studios regularly to the public. FLUTGRABEN, since 1998 a non-profit organisation and Berlins largest self-organized artists´ studio building, continues to engage the public in an annual Open House. This was connected to the idea of collaborating more intensely with artists from other places, in group exhibitions such as “Fountain 100” (2017), “Open Source” (2018) and “Blind Date” (2019).

Since 2018 Open House Flutgraben has increasingly turned its attention to the financialization of urban space and examines how structures of exploitation can be countered through the practice of open, solidarity-based networks, and transdisciplinary collaboration. The initiative Open/Occupy is a direct response to an ongoing process of gentrification in Berlin, where the struggle and worry of losing one’s living and working space is enhanced on a daily basis. Open/Occupy believes that the city needs free and open spaces because they generate critical knowledge and create community; foster alternative visions of the future through experiential forms of discourse; facilitate open-mindedness towards the unknown and the potential of becoming. Together we work towards strategies of civic empowerment, motoring social change, sustaining open spaces and creating a new solidarity-based politics of space.

In the fall of 2020 we will invite artists, activists, writers and scientists from inside and outside the FLUTGRABEN community to create a collective (art)work that spans throughout the architecture of the house, engaging public and private spaces, hidden and open sources; examining space as a breathing body, a commodity, a potential; touching upon issues of ownership, autonomy and transcendence.

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