OPEN/OCCUPY 2021 Flutgraben Artist House


OPENING: December 10th 7pm

with activists from Kunstblock, Lauratibor and Oyoun, artists from Open/Occupy and Flutgraben, and curator Tirdad Zolghadr

OPEN STUDIOS: December 11th 12-6 pm
Join us at Flutgraben, Berlin’s artist-run studio building: Artists, activists and scholars have created (art)works that spans the entire architecture of the building, integrating public and private spaces, hidden and open resources; to investigate space as a breathing body, as a commodity, as potential; to ask questions about the role of ownership, autonomy and transcendence within and beyond urban space.

The event is the 3rd part of the series OPEN/OCCUPY, a response to the ongoing process of gentrification in Berlin; together we work towards strategies of civic empowerment, motoring social change, sustaining Freiräume/open spaces and creating a new solidarity-based politics of space.

(pls apply current Covid 19 rules, 2G+)