contact in case of violence or discrimination

Are you affected by sexual harassment, violence, discrimination?
Then you can contact this address. We offer you a conversation as well as help in finding appropriate places to go.
We are bound to secrecy and will not pass on any information to others without your explicit consent.
Below you will find an external contact point where you can also turn to.

We do not offer professional advice.

Write to us at

External contact addresses

Federal Anti-Discrimination Office

Advice in cases of discrimination and sexual harassment, examination of legal claims on the basis of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), recommendation of further advice centers, mediation if necessary.
for any person who feels discriminated against (e.g. on the basis of gender or sexual identity) or has questions about the AGG.
Advice is available in different languages.


offer counseling in cases of sexualized violence, violence in relationships, but also by authorities, support in finding therapists, doctors, lawyers.
For (refugee) LGBT*I*Q, Persons of Color and Black people, people who are affected by multiple discrimination because of a disability, their age, their religion or ideology, their social origin, etc.
Counseling is available in different languages.

Berlin Crisis Service

Help in psychosocial crises up to acute mental and psychiatric emergencies. 24 hours a day.
At nine Berlin locations. By telephone, in person and on site in acute situations.
For those affected, relatives and others involved, as well as people who have to deal with people in crisis.
Counseling is available in different languages.