Low Text

After the Eclipse is an open literary event format that provides a platform for writers, poets and artists working with text to share their work with audiences in an engaged, generous atmosphere. Originally initiated by Ebba Fransén Waldhör, Imri Kahn and Sarah M Harrison, After the Eclipse accommodates everything from fiction to theory to conceptual art writing or experimental work that one may not be able to showcase elsewhere. Continuing to extend its network, After the Eclipse opened its format in 2018 for series of cycles, that centre on one specific theme at a time.

Such is a new cycle curated by Maru Mushtrieva, a new member of the team and one of the readers of the past events. The cycle LOW TEXT aims to explore text production as a social practice and texts that become invisible in their ubiquity. Such texts – emails, application, manuals, automated texts – while being a device of initiating and relating, has become an appendage of a bureaucratic machine that frames, silences and flattens the diversity. By taking a step back from individual authorship, this cycle takes a step towards it: how can we engage critically with such normative texts? For each session, she invited a different co-curator to work on a specific topic together: Alexandra Zakharenko, Elena Vogman, Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Liudmila Saveliyeva.