SUMMER INTERLUDE is an oasis in the summer dry spell of Berlin’s cultural life. In
the group exhibition we bring together nine outstanding artistic positions from diverse
disciplines, and thus continue the exhibition series “KUNZTEN shows”. The presented
works include figurative as well as abstract painting, video and installation art,
photography up to sculpture and textile works. In the rooms of Flutgraben e.V. in
Berlin these exciting and versatile positions will connect with each other as well as
with the space, inviting the visitors to do the same.

KUNZTEN is a multi-channel platform with the goal of conveying young art and
culture in an informative and aesthetic way. The term KUNZTEN is a neologism
composed of „KUNst“ (art) and „ZTEN – NETZ(werk)“ (network). KUNZTEN thrives on
dialogue with artists, with the aim of rethinking the role of art in today‘s world and
questioning traditional structures.
Our focus is on up-and-coming art of various genres – from figurative and abstract
painting to experimental photography and digital art. When selecting artists, we look
for a broad and diverse spectrum, ranging from aspiring university graduates to
established artists. Of particular importance to us are artistic potential and the
innovative approach of the work. It is a special concern of ours to work with the artists
over a longer period of time through our various projects and to support their
independence and artistic development.


ANDREA GRÜTZNER (b. 1984 in Pirna, DE, lives and works in Berlin)
In her primarily analog photographic works Andrea Grützner deals with the perception
of space, time and structures. With a particular interest in architecture and the built
environment, she searches for the strange in the familiar and the familiar in the
strange, moving between abstraction, realism, and illusion. She is represented by
Robert Morat Galerie (Berlin), Julie Saul Projects (NYC) and Galerie Schierke-Seinecke
(Frankfurt a. M.).

OLYA BAZILEVICH (b. 1997 in Moscow, Russia, lives and works in Berlin)
In intuitive processes of work Olya Bazilevich creates emotional compositions and
spaces that reflect her sensual and emotional perception of the world. She works in a
multimedia and -disciplinary way, combining analog with digital techniques. She
studied in Moscow and at the kunsthochschule weißensee.

WOLFGANG FLAD (b. 1974 in Reutlingen, DE, lives and works in Berlin)
Wolfgang Flad’s work as a sculptor is strongly influenced by the materials he works
with, in the selection of which he sets himself no limits. He transforms them into
energetic and organic sculptures and wall works, in which the original materiality is
often hardly recognizable.

HALEEN LEE (b. 1997 in Seoul, Korea, lives and works in Berlin)
Haleen Lee studies fine arts at the kunsthochschule weißensee. He creates oil and
acrylic paintings, as well as aquarelles and drawings, whereby the central theme is
always the preoccupation with architecture. In his paintings, in addition to
architectural structures, he is interested in the shapes and figures, which are
produced by shadows and reflections, as well as special and unique colors.

MARLEN LETETZKI (b. 1990 in Weimar, DE, lives and works in Berlin)
Marlen Letetzki studied painting in the class of Christine Streuli at UdK Berlin. She
works primarily with oil on aluminum ground, as well as with aquarelle and deals in
her work, with the transformation process of color to the representation of spatiality.
The images that emerge play with layers and surfaces and are at the same time
delicate and powerful. She is represented by the gallery Feldbusch. Wiesner. Rudolph
in Berlin.

FABIAN WARNSING (b. 1991 in Unna, DE, lives and works in Berlin)
Fabian Warnsing is interested in the pictorial perception of the world and the traditions
and social functions of images as such. In his oil and acrylic paintings you can find a
variety of influences – from pop cultural to everyday to art historical. Besides painting,
he also works in drawings, photographs, etchings as well as tattoos.
MOONI PERRY (b. 1990 in Seoul, Korea, lives and works in Berlin)
Mooni Perry studied fine arts/painting in Seoul and London. In her video works she
deals with questions of Critical Animal Studies/Veganism, Human/Non-Human
Relations and (Asian) Feminism. Her work operates at the nexus of academic
discourses, activism, and storytelling. She was featured as one of the winners of the
2022 ars viva prize at the Brücke Museum Berlin and was also a 2020-21 artist in
residence at KW Berlin’s BPA (Berlin program for artists).

BETHAN HUGHES (b. 1989 in Wigan, UK, lives and works in Berlin)
Bethan Hughes studied fine arts in Glasgow and Weimar and received her PhD from
the University of Leeds in 2020 for her work on 3D CGIs in contemporary art. In her,
often multi-part, intensive and in-depth artistic research projects, she deals with the
field of tension and transformation processes between the organic and the artificial,
between nature and technology. Working in multimedia, her works consist of
installations, videos or moving images, installations, prints and texts – and often the
interplay of these media. In 2021 she was part of the Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt.

MAJA BEHRMANN (b. 1994 in Frankfurt a.M., DE, lives and works in Leipzig)
Maja Behrmann completed her studies in painting and graphic arts at the HGB Leipzig
in 2021 under Christoph Ruckhäberle. In her color-intensive, multimedia works, which
range from textile works to painting to sculpture, she deals with forms and bodies in
space, allows them to connect with each other, merge and overlap, creates spaces
and tensions through empty spaces. In doing so, she draws on an almost
inexhaustible archive of forms and elements, which in a process that appears to be
ongoing, are constantly evolving, coming together in new constellations and
transforming themselves.