re.frau anders

We are pleased to invite you to the first chapter of the project "re.frau anders - lesbian and feminist activism of the 1980s in East-Berlin"!

Opening: Friday, July 1st, 2022, 6pm

Exhibition: July 1st - November 9th, 2022

Former Watchtower
Puschkinallee 55, 12435 Berlin

With the temporary setup of several counter- commemorative interventions near the former watchtower at Schlesischer Busch, the project “re.frau anders“ addresses lesbian and feminist activism of the 1980s in East Berlin.

Various self-organised women’s groups came together in the 1980s to speak up for different views on women and different societal structures. Between critique of the patriarchy and opposition to the oppressive system, they fought for equality and freedom of speech. They advocated against the militarisation of society, discrimination, homophobia and racism.

Until now, the work and stories of women who were active in self-organised and lesbian groups have not thoroughly been studied and investigated. These groups are neither mentioned as key actors in the official historiography, nor sufficiently presented in the public sphere.

The different groups organised public actions and workshops as well as readings, discussions, excursions and celebrations. The network grew through the organisation of cross-regional meetings and self-published zines such as “Lila Band“, “frau anders“ and “Das Netz“. Through their various activities and publications, the different groups connected with each other locally and internationally. They offered safe spaces for the exchange between women and expanded opportunities for civil and political action.Artists, historians and cultural theoreticians were invited to reflect on and discuss different questions and perspectives regarding this topic in a contemporary context. The contents for the panels were developed in dialogue with the contributors, through research in various archives and interviews with witnesses of the times.

Diane Izabiliza, Dior Thiam, Dominique Hurth, Franziska König-Paratore, Irène Mélix, Jessica Bock, Maria Bühner, Rike Flämig

With the support of the grant for historical and commemorative projects 2022 of the Berlin Senate.
Concept, artistic and scientific direction: Dominique Hurth and Franziska König-Paratore
Graphic Design: Cecilia Murgia, Supernulla