Gathering Drinking my tea, Sewing my skin Body-scripted-sculptures___Fabrics of touch

Hosted by Reya, Yaoer, Julia

Dear friends (+friends of friends) we invite you to a gathering in which through body exercises with staged photography and a writing/painting process…( In the scenography of everyday life we are labratorically examining reciprocity.)

There will be snacks, fruits and tea.

1:00pm-5:00pm_Samstag 16.12.2023

Address: Flutgraben 3,Berlin

To register contact us via this number or just show up 🙂

‪+49 176 30324829‬

A bit more detail:

This gathering attempts to navigate different approaches around body as stage/how to make micro labours visible.

together we brainstorm, create spontaneous narratives of reciprocity in a theatrical manner.

Here you can be comfortable with your body in anyway you want. We examine labrotalically how we can focus on the concept of stage/body/vibrating machines each with their own needs,loss,leakage and how they/us do the scenography of everyday life and respond .

There will be writing, drawing, physical touch and staged photography. Participants of any discipline are welcomed, specially those who have experience with performative arts.

Feel free to contact us if you are curious.

Please register/let us know if you are coming so we can prepare better.

‪+49 176 30324829‬

Reya:(she/it)(b.1998) an interdisciplinary artist and translator, working in Berlin. My practice consists of an experimentation with the various space strategies and production of trans-communality through artistic processes. By initiating and enacting loosely scripted social situations I seek to create reflections on the themes of belonging, home, care and femininity. In my work I look for ways to decode and construct practices to examine and stage skin/body as a core element of scenography of everyday life.

Yaoer:(b.1994.China) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her focus at non-linear narratives, weaving diverse fictional tales to craft non-patriarchal narrative fairytales. These narratives arise from the complex blend of living situations, emotions, and love shared within marginalised groups existing in a totalitarian society. She tries to find fragmented words, marginalised voices, and her visual language to meticulously deconstruct and artfully reconstruct a narrative that transcends traditional binary frameworks.

Julia Kafizova. Photographer and visual artist. (b.1986, Ukraine). Now based in Berlin. In search of herself and her place, she jumped between different countries. Thoughts about finding a better place to live, but this place is not outside, it is inside.

Over the past seven years, she has been working with a self portrait, exploring the issue of the body and self-identity. In her works, she uses the body as a language for telling the world who we are here and now