Afropéennes – Afropean Women

14.03.2020 | 20:30 – 21:30 Event Series of Afrodiasporic Drama from France and Belgium

With a total of four staged readings, the association Drama Panorama: Forum for Translation and Theatre is presenting a new literary-performative event series in cooperation with, among others, Label Noir and the Lettrétage. Between March and July 2020, the organizers are inviting public panel discussions, staged readings and performances in various Berlin venues. The focus will be on four texts translated into German by four authors (Penda Diouf, Eva Doumbia, Rébecca Chaillon, Laetita Ajanohun), who in different ways artistically appropriate the concept of “Afropéanité”, an Afro-European identity.

Rébecca Chaillon kicks off the event with her performance “Whitewashing”. Based on the term that describes the procedure of having (real or fictional) ethnicized non-white figures played by white actors, Chaillon deals with the whitewashing of so-called skin colours.

Rébecca Chaillon is of Caribbean descent and grew up in northern France. In her work, the director, actress and author uncover forms of racism and sexism, among other things. Body painting and the symbolic use of food are central stylistic devices. With humorous and poetic texts, they join together to form mercilessly unmasking compositions in the field of tension between body and image politics. In 2015, the performer took part in Émilie Jouvet’s My body, my rules, a documentary about the body and sexuality beyond the norm, which was awarded at the Porn Film Festival Berlin 2017. She also explores queer and Afro-feminist perspectives in the play Où la chèvre est attachée, il faut qu’elle broute about women’s football and discrimination. On the occasion of the focal point Vive le sujet at the Festival d’Avignon 2019, she realised and embodied the production Sa bouche ne connaît pas de dimanche – fable sanguine with Pierre Guillois. As part of her residency at the Nordwind Festival (Kampnagel Hamburg) in December 2019, she and her collective Cie Dans le Ventre presented the first stage of the performance project Carte Noire nommée Désir as a workshop performance.

Rébecca Chaillon
SA. 14 March 2020 – 20:30 hrs
Am Flutgraben 3
Duration: 50 minutes
In French with German subtitles
The performance will be followed by an audience discussion with the director Rébecca Chaillon.

Text and direction: Rébecca Chaillon, Aurore Déon et al.
Technique: Myriam Adjalle
Administration/Production: Mara Teboul – L’œil écoute
Translation/Title: Lisa Wegener

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Restricted barrier-free
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Support / Partners: Drama Panorama e.V., Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Institut français Germany, Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung