Zapzarap: the Art of taking away

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

1 - 3 SEPT 2022



“Good artists copy, great artists steal”. The post-pandemic subject, freshly robbed of two years of their life, witnesses increasing and banalized amounts of institutionalized theft on all fronts: the workers being robbed of their earnings and equity, nations being violently robbed of their, language, culture and sovereignty, 6 million individuals robbed of their lives, corporate automated data-theft, monetary inflation and the advent of machine-augmented plagiarism. As new platforms and mediums develop without regulation, opportunities for theft arise alongside opportunities for other creative ventures, devices democratize access to casinos, tax havens, and canvases alike. The nascent novel production techniques announce the desacralization of art production and the birth of new incentive frameworks, fresh blood, inspiration, and revamped values breaching new creative frontiers. The exhibition “Zapzarap” invites us to re-examine our expectations about ownership, redefining the liminal vacuum of morality and grand theft aesthetics. If ownership in a digitally-surveilled economy always comes with strings attached, can following the money reveal any connections? “Zapzarap” invites the viewer to step into a world of carefree self-expression, a world where traceability is pondered, one that values authentic self-expression as a means to stand out. While the possibility of an original thought is more and more scrutinized, art has been kidnapped and the ransom is brazen authenticity!