Charity Exhibition by Vlad Shevchenko

10-17th September
13.00-19.00 daily

"Project Space"
Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin

About the artist:

Vladislav Shevchenko (born July 1, 1993) is a Ukrainian illustrator and art director.
Since childhood in Crimea, he developed his talent and spent 10 years in art school, in 2012 he went to an Mykhailo Boychuk Kyiv State Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design.

In 2014, he was forced to leave his home and moved to Kyiv, where he lived from 2014 to 2022.
During these 8 years, Kyiv has become his second home. The 2014 Euromaidan demonstrations in Ukraine are formative for his work.

Shevchenko has been art director for such brands as MasterCard, Vodafone, TBC bank, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, etc. In addition to his work over the past few years, Vlad has been preparing a project called “Kyiv” which was to be exhibited in March 2022 in Kyiv – and is now exhibited instead here.

He has been in Berlin since March 2022 – again forced to leave due to russian aggression.

About the Exhibition:

“Kyiv” is a manifesto of the author’s love for the city.
More than 60 reels of film and about 100 illustrations, sketches, and scanned textures were used to prepare the project.

On the posters, you can see the houses of different parts of Kyiv and its citizens, memories from the Euromaidan demonstrations, and the early days of the COVID epidemic.

Let’s begin our journey.
Welcome to Kyiv!

Free admission
Profits from sales of limited-edition posters will support Ukrainian organisations

Finissage: Saturday 17th, from 18.00

With: Cultural
Studio 104