3AM is a multi-disciplinary event that brings together artists and audience in order to challenge, experiment and reinvent formats of presentation, and / or to propose a moment where works can be tried out in a welcoming environment. (for more click on pic)

After the Eclipse

After the Eclipse (ATE) is a free bimonthly reading series that takes place in the Flutgraben Project-Space. The series, curated by Ebba Fransén Waldhör, Imri Kahn and Sarah M Harrison, provides a platform for writers, poets and artists working with text to share their work with audiences in an engaged, generous atmosphere. (for more click on pic)

Fehras Publishing Practices

Fehras Publishing Practices is a publishing house and space established in Berlin in 2015. It was founded as a response to mounting questions concerning the history and the presence of publishing in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the diaspora. (for more click on pic)


Since 2012 the Flutgraben e.V. in cooperation with HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht) and Stokroos Foundation maintains a residency Studio for single graduates. 5 Month a year we host this young artist and gives them the opportunity to show the result in a exhibition. (for more click on pic)

Local Prophets

Local Prophets is a non-for-profit invite-only jamming session bringing together the locals of all breeds and activities to share and exchange music, creations, inspiration and vibes. Every session is a starting point for new threads and collaborations. (for more click on pic)

Open House

Seit 2013 öffnen sich einmal im Jahr die Ateliertüren der Studios im Gebäude des Flutgraben. Dabei werden auch der Projektraum, die Mehrzweckhalle, die Gänge und andre Gemeinschaftsflächen bespielt. (for more click on pic)


Only for tenants and members of Flutgraben e.V. Quo Vadis is a series of workshops to develop our Atelierhouse on a community-level. Regardless wether you rent a studio here, sub rent, participate in the foundation or you just feel inspired to encourage the Kunstfabrik at Flutgraben to become a better place and improve our self-organising […]