Residency Program

Since 2012 the Flutgraben e.V. in cooperation with HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht) and Stokroos Foundation maintains a residency Studio for single graduates. 5 Month a year we host this young artist and gives them the opportunity to show the result in a exhibition.





Foto HKU-Joost3

`Good Pizza Bad Pizza´, 2016, (wood/plastic/metal…),instalation-performance

Blurred Vision, Troubled mind (There must be more to life then this)

Joost Elshot, recent Artist in residence 2015


maake fffff

`Steinsuppe´,  A space for conversations (wood, cotton), soup, 20 conversations

People were invited to individually visit the space, eat a soup that I cooked, and have a conversation with me about what it means to work on your own, what it means to work together, the ‘conversation space’ itself, where we were at that moment, but also in general: the physical and mental relation to different ‘spaces’ or ‘frameworks’: how do we search/find freedom of movement in the areas where we live and work? Where are the areas in which we share this movement with others? In the project I tried to make new connections to other people (mostly people who also worked in the building) and focussed on the ‘conversation as an action’ itself. 20 one-to-one conversations took placein the space. The end of the project was a gathering of everybody who wanted to come, in which we cooked a soup together (like in the old stone soup story, everybody brought an ingredient). I read out loud a some of the thoughts I had after the conversations, followed by a group talk/sharing of thoughts in the space.

Maake Jasper is the third awardee in Flutgaben in 2014.




1-24-1-im-Bildname-6832-tn YacinthaZuidam_you_ask2_web

`You Ask, We Deliver´; 2013; Research Exhibiton ; mixed media

Yacintha works by means of drawing and installation on questions concerning visible and invisible power structures, such as cases of (internet-)censorship or financial and political elites. During her four-month long residency at Flutgraben e.V. she questioned in particular the role Western companies play in the international surveillance industry. She addresses the increasing disappearance of moments of privacy or the right to informational self-determination. How are power and control exercised in Western societies? How fatal is the impact of seemingly neutral surveillance technologies once they’re applied in global contexts? Can we comprehend the repercussion that these technologies produce?

2013-14 Yacintha van Zuidam is the second awardee of HKU and Stokroos Foundation.





________________________________________________________________________________Robin Meyer robin_meyer_HKU_2012

a series of small, jerky movements of the eyes when changing focus from one point to another

I’m fascinated by this world of images, whether it is a physical reality translated into an image or an image translated into a physical reality. Our worldview is mainly formed by images. Imagery that tells us what is, was, where and how. I see my paintings as depictions of the experiential world of contemporary imagery. Working towards the point where everything comes together, paint, painter and the painted. I’m looking for painterly mental shortcuts to create the most honest depiction possible. Paint remains paint, and every act visible. To me a painting is merely an assembly of strokes, surfaces and stains. I make use of our personal archive of imagery, in order to reconnect them to our reality.

2012 Robin Meyer is the first artist in residence of the newly initiated program by the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)


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