After the Eclipse

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After the Eclipse (ATE) is a free bimonthly reading series that takes place in the Flutgraben Project-Space. The series, curated by Ebba Fransén Waldhör, Imri Kahn and Sarah M Harrison, provides a platform for writers, poets and artists working with text to share their work with audiences in an engaged, generous atmosphere. An open literary event; accommodating everything from fiction to theory to conceptual art writing or experimental work that one may not be able to showcase elsewhere, ATE hosts between five and eight participants per event, each presenting for up to 10 minutes. Each time the Project-Space is decorated with an object element installation; fabric, light, projections or sculptural component. In December 2015, ATE announced the initiation of a .pdf publication component. Featuring reader contributions the .pdf was launched as a free download at the December event. Whilst ATE hosts many international writers and artists who are either passing through town or participating via video-chat, we deliberately emphasise the contributions of those who are either based in Berlin or have a continuing relationship with the city, with the aim to foster and grow local networks and community.

After the Eclipse



After the Eclipse – Januar 2016



After the Eclipse – March 2015


Past Readers

22.3.2015: Anna Zett, Elvia Wilk, Imri Kahn, Hannah Black, Sarah M Harrison, Vappu Jalonen, Phoebe Blatton

25.6.2015: Jesse Darling, Tess Edmonson, Hamish Farah, Aurelia Guo, Sarah M Harrison, Caspar Heinemann, Michael Runyan,

21.8.2015: Sophia Le Fraga, Holly Childs, Anna Zett, Shiv Kotecha, Alex Turgeon, Stefanie Sprinz, Maru Mushtrieva

1.12.2015: Kandis Williams, Rin Johnson, Anna Zett, Sarah M Harrison, Shiv Kotecha, Hannah Black

28.1.2016: Marlie Mul, Eleanor Weber, Natalie Häusler, Maria Votti, Tommy Camerno


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