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3AM is a multi-disciplinary event that brings together artists and audience in order to challenge, experiment and reinvent formats of presentation, and / or to propose a moment where works can be tried out in a welcoming environment. It happens more or less every 2-3 months, each time a new artist or group of artist is invited to organize the event in the way she/he/they want. We’re not interested to set up a new platform for artist visibility but rather to create and preserve a time that can allow experiment and failure to happen, discussion and silence. It’s not about success, fame, reward but rather about attempt, participation, reflexion. As we’re looking for ways to minimize the consumerist aspect of the events, the audience is as well invited to take part, take care of practical and artistic aspects of the event.

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Foto:Sheena McGrandles; Performance in 3am 24.May 2015



Past events:

1st 3AM 30th of December 2014, organised by Clement Layes and Dmitry Paranyushkin

2nd 3AM 1st of March 2015 organized by Jasna L.Vinovrski and Uri Turkenich

3nd 3AM 24th may, 7pm organized by Julian Weber

4th 3AM sunday, 9th of August,  8pm organised by Jasna L.Vinovrski, Dmitry Paranyushkin

5th 3AM sunday, 1st of November organized by Bling bling collective: Emma Tricard, Tabea Magyar, Cecile Bally a BlingBling edition on the day of the dead

6th  3AM On the 30th of December 2015 organised by Jasna L.Vinovrski, Dmtry Paranyushkin, Nina Kurtela


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