Category: visual

19/07/2016 | philosophy unbound

doors 7 pm // start 8 pm  The event spotlights forms of life and modes of subjectification in a paradoxically posthuman, yet anthropocentric time. Seven performances explore the machinic potential of human and social bodies, forms of resistance against network power, club culture and clones. A...  Read More »

Category: visual

02/08/2016 | 3AM

Dear 3AM Friends,Witness works that have been abandoned by their makers, by curators, by the passage of time, or other stories. The doors will ONLY be open at 7PM, 9PM and 12 PM for a short period of time and will be closed in between those times. So please, come on time (at 19.00, 21.00 or 23.59), otherwise you won't be able to get in. RSVP...  Read More »

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