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10/12/2016 | Open House

In schöner Tradition werden wir im Dezember wieder einen Tag der offenen Tür veranstalten und geben Besuchern die Möglichkeit, zu erkunden, was sich hinter dieser imposanten Fassade verbirgt.HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN IM ATELIERHAUS AM FLUTGRABEN am Samstag, 10.12.2016, 15-22 Uhr Einmal jährlich öffnet das Atelierhaus am Flutgraben seine...  Read More »

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19/07/2016 | philosophy unbound

doors 7 pm // start 8 pm  The event spotlights forms of life and modes of subjectification in a paradoxically posthuman, yet anthropocentric time. Seven performances explore the machinic potential of human and social bodies, forms of resistance against network power, club culture and clones. A...  Read More »

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26/05/2016 | Theater der Migranten

„Herz der Finsternis“ - eine Expedition auf Berliner Gewässern nach Sonnenuntergang durch Berliner Schifffahrtskanäle. In Anlehnung an Joseph Conrads kolonialkritische Novelle entstand im Sommer 2015 eine performative Expedition mit Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen aus Afrika und dem Nahen Osten.– An diesem Abend zeigen wir die erste Station...  Read More »

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26/04/2016 | Dark Matter

Sonderlesung von Slam-Poets Dark Matter.

Category: performance

25/04/2016 | PACIFIC BODIES

"Pacific Bodies is a long afternoon and evening of durational music performances. Four projects will happen at the same time in different locations — come and go around, feel free to move between however you wish — discover your perception as a creative process: you decide when a piece ends. Participating artists are: Neele Hülcker  Niel...  Read More »

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06/04/2016 | after the eclipse

Reading by: ELVIA WILK HANNAH BLACK-SARAH M HARRISON-VAPPU JALONEN-IMRI KAHN-PHOEBE BLATTON-ANNA ZETT There will be wine, bring your own beer   Organizer: Shiv Kotecha, 1.12.2015 after the eclipse...  Read More »

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16/04/2016 | Space/Time

Space/Time Berlin is a new platform for bringing together video and performance artists whose work affects audiences’ experience of time. Taking place throughout the month of April 2016, the program will work to remove the separation between what is traditionally considered a screening and what is traditionally considered a performance by...  Read More »

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11/02/2016 | Philisophy Unbound

Unbinding philosophy, what could that mean? This time we want to look at the relations that bind us - the ties and attachments, affects and affiliations shaping individuals and moving collectives. It starts at 7pm....  Read More »

Category: performance

18/01/2016 | After the Eclipse

After the eclipse Sunday 26.04.2016 18:00   Confirmed readers are Jaakko Pallasvou, Tess Edmonson, Mikala Hyldig Dal, Bianca Heuser and Ewa Alicja Majewska. There will be wine, bring your own beer   Organizer: After the Eclipse Shiv Kotecha, 1.12.2015 after the eclipse...  Read More »

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