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19/11/2016 | WONDROUS – das neue Konzertprogramm von TONIKUM

Liebe alte und neue FreundInnen von TONIKUM, es ist wieder so weit, bald könnt Ihr unser neues Programm erleben. Es gibt wunderbare englische Renaissance-Musik aber auch einige moderne Werke zu hören - und viel zu sehen! Karten könnt Ihr über die angegebene Adresse reservieren - oder ich kann sie Euch gerne besorgen! Ich freue mich, wenn...  Read More »

Category: performance

26/04/2016 | Dark Matter

Sonderlesung von Slam-Poets Dark Matter.

Category: performance

25/04/2016 | PACIFIC BODIES

"Pacific Bodies is a long afternoon and evening of durational music performances. Four projects will happen at the same time in different locations — come and go around, feel free to move between however you wish — discover your perception as a creative process: you decide when a piece ends. Participating artists are: Neele Hülcker  Niel...  Read More »

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06/10/2016 | Local Prophets

A regular non-for-profit event that brings together local Berlin musicians. The goal is to facilitate collaborations and creative exchange between the participants as well as to promote the musicians to the wider audiences.  The event features live sessions and DJ sets, which are recorded and put online.  Organizer: Local...  Read More »

Category: visual

02/08/2016 | 3AM

Dear 3AM Friends,Witness works that have been abandoned by their makers, by curators, by the passage of time, or other stories. The doors will ONLY be open at 7PM, 9PM and 12 PM for a short period of time and will be closed in between those times. So please, come on time (at 19.00, 21.00 or 23.59), otherwise you won't be able to get in. RSVP...  Read More »