16/04/2016 | Space/Time

Space/Time Berlin is a new platform for bringing together video and performance artists whose work affects audiences’ experience of time. Taking place throughout the month of April 2016, the program will work to remove the separation between what is traditionally considered a screening and what is traditionally considered a performance by presenting these works in the same room, in the same timeframe, for the same audience. By presenting work in this context, we hope to alleviate, rather than simply add to, the deluge of digital stimulation that infiltrates every aspect of contemporary life.

As part of our inaugural edition, we will be presenting one day of programming at the Flutgraben e.V. which will feature work by artists exploring the relationship between architectural structures and time. Included in the day’s events will be a performance by Berlin-based trio Elma Riza, Mireia Aragonés Carol, and Eric Wong; a new feature-length film by New York visual artist Peter Clough; a piece by Athens performing artist Spyridon Kouvaras; an interactive time-based installation by Grace Euna Kim; an audio-video remix session by Stefan Demming; and a conceptual DJ performance by Suppiej & Zanato.

For more information about the program and a full list events, go to SpaceTimeBerlin.com

Grace Euna Kim (Berlin) The Waiting Room Elma Riza, Mireia Aragonés Carol, Eric Wong (Berlin) Story of shapes – Extended blue Peter Clough (New York) In My Room Spyridon Kouvaras and Giorgos Kouvaras (Athens) Opus I # Temporality Stefan Demming (Berlin) Transformation Loops Session Suppiej & Zanato (Berlin) Save Me

Peter Clough still 3

Foto: Performance Peter Clough


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