12/02/2016 | QUO VADIS

Only for tenants and members of Flutgraben e.V.

In Februar 2016 we have for the third time the opportunity to change and develop our beloved Atelierhouse. We want to dig deep in the history of our house and the foundation to make this place a better one for all of us. The main topic this time is SPRING CLEAN and USE OF SPACE on all three floors: hallways, closed storages, open storage spaces, corners, multi-purpose-hall and project-space. Come on, join all in, it is about your work- and feel good environment ! Please let us know via the doodle we sent out. Quo Vadis #4 at the gates … in April (17th week)

Holger Hertling

12/02/2016 | QUO VADIS



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