Open Call :: artists of all media welcome

Open Call artists of all media welcome Open/Occupy II: Blind Date Duration: 1-29 September, 2019

Exhibition Concept For the second edition of Open/Occupy, Flutgraben e.V. will provide an exhibition space for Flutgraben-based artists and artists from outside of the community to collaborate. The framing term of Open/Occupy II is Blind Date. Instead of having a conventionally curated exhibition, artists that have so far not worked together will collaborate in teams of two on a joint artistic intervention. A jury will pair four artists from Flutgraben with four artists from outside based on artistic intersection points. In the spirit of self-organization and communal empowerment participating artists will also be co-writing the curatorial statement. Artists fees are provided.

Think of this as a playground, an adventure, a lab, a test site, a place to be radical, acute, poignant, sensitive, striking, vulnerable, experimental, and fully in charge!

The selected artists will collaborate towards an exhibition, opening on September 15th, during the open studio event at Flutgraben and an Open/Occupy book launch. Send your application to collaborate to: until the 18th of August.

Additionally a screening program curated by Jos Diegel will function as an open platform for a larger body of artists. Finished video works responding to the general context of Open/Occupy can be submitted to In case of multi-channel or special presentations, the artist must prepare for one channel-presentation. Send your video artworks for the digital screening in format mpg4 with any transfer site (wetransfer, airbridge, dropbox or else, much appreciated are online links such as vimeo) additional to your mail with work details (name, duration, media/technique/ format, year, production country, short description, 3-5 sentences free for artist vita).

Flutgraben Open House team: Mikala Hyldig Dal, Marta Lodola, Xiaowen Zhu, Dirk Lebahn, Pascal Stodieck, Wolfgang Schlegel

Background In 2018, artist Mikala Hyldig Dal and the Flutgraben e.V. initiated the first edition of Open/Occupy (aka Occupy Flutgraben). It was a week-long open studio and exhibition that provided spaceless artists with the main hall situated in Flutgraben, the largest remaining self-organized artist studio complex in central Berlin. Through an open call, Open/Occupy’s call for action and solidarity between residents and artists received thousands of responses. The result was an open platform that brought together almost a hundred artists working collectively towards expressions and reflections that remain critically engaged with the current politics of space. (See A publication with essays and artworks from central artists groups actively countering gentrification processes in Berlin (Kunstblock, AbBA, Koalition der Freien Szene and others), edited by Mikala Hyldig Dal and Xiaowen Zhu, will be released in September this year.

Open/Occupy is a direct response to the ongoing process of gentrification in Berlin. There is no other topic more frequently debated amongst residents and artists these days. The struggle and worry of losing one’s living and working space is rapidly enhanced on a daily base. Open/Occupy believes that the city needs artists because art generates critical knowledge and creates community; art promotes independent thinking and preserves cultural memories; art offers alternative visions of the future through experimental forms of experiencing; art promotes open-mindedness towards the unknown and the potential of things. Artists are a driving force in empowering the city, motoring social change, creating Freiräume/open spaces and sustaining flexible modes of identity.


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