OCCUPY FLUTGRABEN (Open House/Open Source 2 pm) 6pm-open end

OCCUPY FLUTGRABEN 6pm Did you get gentrified out of your studio? Can you not afford or find a new work space? Unregulated gentrification is currently forcing artists out of Berlin. In the “Cultural Capital of Europe” 80% of the city’s artists live on the poverty line. The Berlin Senat only spends 5% of its cultural budget on the independent art scene. While artist fees and teaching salaries are stagnating below minimum wages, rent for housing and studios has multiplied. Flutgraben Kunstfabrik is the biggest remaining artist-run studio building in Berlin. For our Open House this year we invite evicted and spaceless artists to use our 250 sqm central hall as their workspace, exhibition gallery, event location -whatever comes into your mind- for the duration of one week 20-26 August. We will include your work process, your presence, your art pieces, your suggestions for a new political agenda and your manifestos into a joint publication and distribute it broadly.

We go public on Saturday the 25th at 6 pm – open end // Performances, Panels, Exhibition – in-spite celebrations https://www.monopol-magazin.de/die-verdraengung-macht-eine-mini-pause https://www.facebook.com/events/416764782065126

6-7pm PERFORMANCES (1st floor)
Caroline Alves & Natalie Riedelsheimer “A machine to become woman”
Lori Baldwin “Tick tock the time line clock”
Marta Lodolo “Art is space, art is in our heart”
7-8pm PANEL
What now, Berlin? A panel discussion on gentrification, artists and possible futures
With Mikala Hyldig Dal, Jos Diegel, Bernhard Kotowski, Elke Kupfer, Wolfgang Schlegel & Xiaowen Zhu
Pablo Volo & Ninon Dann 10 min
Subuddha “Das ist doch keine Qnzt” 10 min
Daniel Adams & Michelle Felix Escalante & Yoshi “Contra Dictum” 30 min
Juan Vazquez “1921” 10 min
Enlab/Enrico ‘SINGING TO A DEAD WHITE FOX’ continuous
Cid & Schmidt “Dales City” continuous
Aya Kenat “Tomándo” 8 min
9:30-10:30 pm SCREENING
Jos Diegel “Der Herbst des Untergrund” 30 min
Xiaowen Zhu “The Details are Invented” 20 min
Subuddha “House of Neptune” 10 min
8-10pm PERFORMANCE (gallery 2nd floor)
Michael Dobbie, Anne Hachenburg, Sophie Vautour “Homeless Dreambodies” 2 hours
From 6 till end: Kollage Kollectiv interactive workshop

SCREENING AUG26 CITIZEN KINO & OCCUPY FLUTGRABEN FILMS 5PM C-Kino presents a mix of media clips to analyze the gentrification struggles… includes perspectives on the struggle against the new factors – the tech industries and surveillance capitalism, i.e. the arrival of a proposed Google campus and start-up incubator. 30-45min improvised playlist Occupy Flutgraben presents Jos Diegel “Der Herbst des Untergrund” 30 min, Xiaowen Zhu “The Details are Invented” 20 min, Subuddha “House of Neptune” 10 min

Contact Mikala Hyldig Dal open-flutgraben@gmx.de Flutgraben e.V. Am Flutgraben 3 12435 Berlin


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