12/03/2017 | 3AM – SPRING SPROUTS

To celebrate the end of winter, 3 AM kicks off its first event in 2017 with Spring sprouts.

Date of the event: 12 March 2017, starting from 7pm

Centered around the theme of new beginnings – a topic closely interwoven with change, optimism, persistence and ultimately, perspective.

This year as well, 3 AM continues with artistic try outs. In this spirit, we are eager to see what inspiring things you have been working on during the winter months. We encourage you to send us your proposals for our spring edition!

You are also invited to participate in the making of the event. Elements we often
consider as practicalities- the bar, food, cleaning, taking care of the door, decorating the space etc., can also be understood as an artistic practice. Let us know, if you have any proposals or ideas for these essential tasks. Deadline for proposals: 22 February 2017 If you’d like to try out your work, please send to


–        A short description about the piece –        Info about the length –       Number of people participating in the piece –        Preferred space (in the studio, the big hall or the project room) –        Technical requirements


We can make small financial contributions to the blossoming process of each invited works. This contribution is ment as a support for the process and the preparation of each try out. Looking forward to hear from you! Best, Lena  and Jasna (Lena Szirmay Kalos and Jasna L. Vinovrski are organizers of this 3 AM edition) As you may be aware, 3 AM is an independent event with

a focus on giving value to experimentation and local collaboration. Our frame

remains purposefully open to allow for any new forms to emerge; combining

performance, science, electronic music and durational installations. We

like finished works, but we also like testing things out. We invite different

people to collaborate with our core team (Clément Layes, Sandra Man, Dmitry

Paranyushkin, Jasna Layes Vinovrski, Nina Kurtela) every time in making the

event possible.






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