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WIPE Amateur Filmfestival 2017

dear friends and fans of cinema, music and atmosphere. you are cordially invited to WIPE Amateur Filmfestival 2017 @ Flutgraben Studio-house Berlin free screenings each day from 18:30 - 23.30 Friday 27th & Saturday 28th October. Im offiziellen Wettbewerb befinden sich dieses Jahr Filme aus: Kanada, Australien, Ungarn, Japan,...  Read More »

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3 AM

3AM to the people! Peace, Love and Try out With this edition of 3AM, we want to reconnect to the reasons we've been doing 3AM since it's beginning: the fragility of the creation process and the need of a great care of it. The need as well of a community that can be here for that creation. As artists we are here also to create and invent this...  Read More »

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  Transart Institute MFA student self-curated exhibition and CONVERSATIONS 2018 STATEMENT Rapid change creates an instinctive need for us to put up walls – walls of separation between us and others, walls between our internal and external selves, walls between nations. The artists of Co-a-lism are motivated to go beyond...  Read More »

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17/07/2017 | 3AM

Dear Friends! The next “Last-Minute” 3AM will take place on Sunday, the 17th of July. more about 3am

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12/03/2017 | 3AM – SPRING SPROUTS

To celebrate the end of winter, 3 AM kicks off its first event in 2017 with Spring sprouts. Date of the event: 12 March 2017, starting from 7pm Centered around the theme of new beginnings - a topic closely interwoven with change, optimism, persistence and ultimately, perspective. This year as well, 3 AM continues with artistic try outs. In...  Read More »

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02/08/2016 | 3AM

Dear 3AM Friends,Witness works that have been abandoned by their makers, by curators, by the passage of time, or other stories. The doors will ONLY be open at 7PM, 9PM and 12 PM for a short period of time and will be closed in between those times. So please, come on time (at 19.00, 21.00 or 23.59), otherwise you won't be able to get in. RSVP...  Read More »

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3AM – Filaments and Voids – 4th June 2017

Dear 3AM friends, We cordially invite you to 3AM – Filaments and Voids. Let’s celebrate together the amazing space at Flutgraben, welcome artistic attractions and distractions, enjoy sound and silence, get together and share an evening of performances, concerts, films, dancing, food and drinks. When: 04 / June / 2017, starting at...  Read More »

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14/02/2016 | BURNING WORDS

Takes place galarie Alpha Nova, Performance - Installation FALL ARRIVALS, a video installation by Lisskulla Maltke-Hof, on view from February 17-20, 4-7 pm BURNING WORDS a performance with Biliana Voutchkova – violin, Matthias Bauer - double bass, Ingo Reulecke – dance, Lisskulla Moltke-Hof - visuals February 20th, 7 pm, admission:...  Read More »

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Afer the eclipse

The cycle LOW TEXT aims to explore text production as a social practice and texts that surround us, invisible in their ubiquity. These “exhausting” types of texts - work emails, application, manuals, automated texts, while being a device of initiating and relating, became today an appendage of a bureaucratic machine that frames, silences and...  Read More »

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