Corona-Virus: No Office Hours in April

Due to the spread of the corona virus epidemic, our regular office hours are suspended in April.

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From Friday, 27/3/2020 12.00 AM, self-employed artists (and all other self-employed persons) can apply for emergency assistance (€5000 for solo self-employed persons) at the Emergency Fund of the Berlin Senate (implemented by Investitionsbank Berlin).

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FLUTGRABEN Renovations

For 25 years, visual artists, performers and choreographers have been working at Flutgraben, creating their artistic works and developing public events series. The old, heritage-protected factory building – originally a vehicle repair shop – has long been in urgent need of renovation. A leaking roof and thermally outdated windows caused enormous heating costs. In 2012 FLUTGRABEN e. V. applied to the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin for the funding of an appropriate energy-saving and environmentally conscious renovation. After five years of planning and negotiations, the renovations finally started.

FLUTGRABEN board members Janine Eisenächer and Andrea Hofmann are largely responsible for the planning and implementation of the renovations. They are both pleased that a positive example has been set in the precarious working space situation for Berlin artists: “The artistic use of the house is secured for another 15 years thanks to the lottery funds. The interplay between responsible owners, committed and democratically organised tenants and the Lotto Foundation shows that a sensible and sustainable investment in the working space of artists and thus in the substance of the city’s artistic production can succeed” says Janine Eisenächer.

Together with the architects from Büro für Konstruktivismus significant renovations are being undertaken: all windows will be replaced, the roof will be energetically renovated, also sanitary rooms, and the kitchen will be renovated, and there will be barrier-free access to the project space.